Our Identity

We are Hélicon, a cooperative society that has just reached its 10 year mark. Hélicon was created due to the social and pedagogical vocation of a group of professional teachers. Professionals who wished to give their own vision of the educational process by offering society an innovative, modern and participative school. After this initial decade, Hélicon has established itself as a reference in both education and academic training in the southern area of Madrid. Nowadays we offer not only quality education to those who will one day have to sustain the future of our society, but we also offer different training courses, extracurricular activities, sports and leisure activities for both students and families.

Hélicon acts as a private education facility for preschool education (0 to 3 years old) and the last two years of high school (17 to 18 years old, in the Spanish system, this is known as the Baccalaureate), and as a public facility in primary, middle school and the first two years of high school.

Due to vocation and conviction, we are an inclusive school that pays attention to diversity in the classroom, and which has led us to earn the title of preferential attention school for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Student orientation is an essential part of our school, and one which accompanies the teaching and learning process. Through this academic and professional orientation and mentoring, we favor the development of cognitive, affective and social skills of our students; as well as paying attention to the diversity of learning capacities and interests and motivations.

Hélicon is a bicultural school, not bilingual. We use the English language as a tool to help students become part of the current world, not as a mere vocabulary enhancer. We fill the school life with U.S. and British culture because we understand that learning English “within its context" is the key to achieve students that can express themselves fluidly and naturally in both English and Spanish.

We favor new technologies as tools for teaching. This is the reason for which we have successfully implemented the one to one system (1:1), that is, giving one iPad to each student from middle school on.

The name of our school comes from the memory of the classic mountain of Helicón, from which the streams of wisdom emanated. We understand wisdom to be the application of knowledge to life experiences. For this reason our educational project is based on offering quality teaching within social pluralism and instilling the values for a truly democratic and participative society. We believe education to be the opening to all ethical, religious, aesthetical and philosophical values.

In the section of educational project you can learn more about what inspires our motto: Educating for life.

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