Educational Project

Our educational project is guided to offer quality teaching within the context of social pluralism and without a political bias. Values which a truly democratic and participative society requires. We believe education to be the opening to all ethical, religious, aesthetical and philosophical values.

Our project has solid foundations but is not rigid. It adapts to reality. After our initial stage, in which we have consolidated in the municipality of Valdemoro (Madrid), it is time to revise our objectives and methodology, making sure that the whole of our educational community (students, families and teachers) participates in the process.

Our project is fundamentally based on:

  • Favoring the development of students' personalities in an integral way: cognitive, physical, critical, creative and affective capacities, allowing them to interpret reality, direct their own actions, be capable of solving issues and become social beings, balanced and autonomous, able to think for themselves.
  • Promote all activities, both curricular and extracurricular, that favor education during free time, improve cultural knowledge and ease their insertion into the labor market.
  • From the standpoint of an integrating methodology, the promotion of meaningful learning: allowing students to actively participate in their own learning process, based on their experiences and accumulated knowledge.
  • Promoting among the students an attitude of curiosity, critical and analytical thinking which, in conjuction with communication and work, will establish the basis for their education and learning process.
  • Compatibility between disciplinary (scientific accuracy of every subject) and interdisciplinary focus.
  • Individualized teaching, which takes into account the different rates of learning. Making use of different work techniques and various didactical resources in order to effectively cover the special and unique educational necessities.
  • Utilization of a participative methodology, as we believe in people with strong dialectical skills. Education must develop effective dialogue abilities, as this is the only path to a society with greater democratical attitudes.
  • Working towards students becoming creative. We focus on an education that stimulates curiosity, and their natural tendency to ask questions, to discover, to invent.
  • Turn the evaluation process, on behalf of teachers as well as students, into a true analysis of the entire educational process and of each individual student. It also serves as a tool for motivation and self-esteem which develops appreciation for work well done, effort and self-improvement.
  • Theoretical and practical focus on new technologies as modern methods of motivation, production, communication and storage of information and research data within the classroom.
  • Developing productive oral and written skills in other languages, especially in English, creating a bicultural learning environment, in which our students learn English within its context and where British and US culture are a part of us, of our life in the school and of our identity.

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