Extracurricular Activities

Hélicon School offers numerous different activities, designed to complement students’ formation. These take place from 2:00 - 3:00 pm and after 5:00 pm. The classes have a small number of students, in order to ease the learning process of individual students. Seats are offered to students from Hélicon and any other person interested:

  • Water activities: The Hélicon Swimming School is the first one within the Spanish system to receive the “Nadar es Vida” (Swimming is Life) certification, given by the Spanish National Swimming Federation. This program guarantees quality in the swimming instruction. It certifies the levels acquired by the kids and promotes a healthy life style. There are courses available for kids and adults.
  • Sport Schools: Football, Judo, Mini-tennis, Tennis, Paddle, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ballet, Track and field…
  • Arts and educational activities: Active Dances kids/junior, Spanish Dance, Music and Movement, Ballroom Dances, Creative Theatre, Pedagogical Robotics, Arts and Crafts, Creativity Workshops, Math Support…

Water Activities

Prenatal Swimming (for pregnant women)

A series of activities, geared towards reinforcing those muscles that experience changes or sustain more weight during pregnancy.

Infant and toddler swimming lessons

Aquatic activities geared towards habituating babies to water and favoring their psychomotor development and perceptive-motor skills.

Swimming for kids

Hélicon offers four skill levels: Adaptation, Kids First level, Kids Second level and Kids Third level.

Swimming for adults

Hélicon offers three levels for adults: Adaptation, Second level initiation and Perfecting.

Sport Schools

Paddle School

Racket based sport which is easy to approach and learn. Benefits of this sport include an improved coordination, balance, laterality etc. Allowing for a correct physical development of the student.

Judo School

It develops both physical and mental abilities, improves self-esteem and favors the growth of the student.

Tennis School

Discipline which favors physical development. On top of having fun, socializing and educating, it strengthens and builds up muscles, develops psychomotricity and coordination.

Football School

Students learn about tactics and techniques as well as team strategies.

Mini-Tennis School

Activity geared towards kids that like racket sports. The size of the court is adapted to their age. There is a predominance of fun, throughout games that help socializing and are also educational.

Arts and Educational Activities

Kids/Junior Active Dance

It is a type of fitness dance and an invitation to musically filled fun, rhythm, body language, musical interpretation and cardiovascular training.

Spanish Dance

Develops motor skills, awakens sensibility towards art and dance. Through the use of choreographies it promotes teamwork, motor coordination, balance and laterality.

Ballroom Dance

A very healthy and positive activity. It is a good physical, emotional and mental investment: Salsa, Bachata, merengue, bachatango…

Music and movement

Through this fun method of learning, students develop expressive, intellectual, motor and musical capabilities. Necessary for stimulating the body from an early age.

Creative Theater

Games involving theater, dramatization and improvisation. It helps shy students, memory and the development of intuition and creativity.

Crafts and creativity

Promotes and enhances the creativity of students and creative autonomy through handwork.

Taller ““Do your homework” workshop”

It allows students to clear their doubts and to receive support doing their homework and school tasks. It gives them more time for reading, sport activities and leisure time.

Math support

It takes into account the needs of students with problems learning math. It pays attention to the individual requirements students may have. Personalized attention in small groups.

Mix 7 workshop

It offers students a combination of 7 different workshops: Study techniques, Relaxation, dining etiquette, shared reading, painting, photography and `be back in five minutes’.

Pedagogical robotics workshop

Allows students to work as young scientists, engineers and mathematicians; it consists in building and programing of robots.

Summer Camps

Fun, games, activities, theatre, English, field trips, pool games and much more. From the end of June to July in the Hélicon summer camps.